About Us

Totoro Supplies was established in 1999 as a small hobby business dedicated to providing the highest quality imported products for your precious pets. We have spent countless hours on research through talking to people and doing online research to source the most suitable and safe products for your little ones.

You may ask why we are different from other pet shops. Well first thing is that we have owned numerous pets since 1970’s and personally kept chinchillas, rabbits, dogs, cats, tortoises, hamsters, guinea pigs, marine fishes etc. When we first started keeping them, we are also like you who take the advice of the pet shops and buy whatever they recommend, only to realize that we are feeding the wrong things to our pets. That is when we started looking at website and join chat groups to discuss and source for the best quality products for our pets. We would now like to take this knowledge and products and made it available to all pet owners especially those in Hong Kong.

We also keep in close contact with vets in HK and discuss about pet health and issues raised. My vets told me that 80% of health problems are cause by improper nutrition, which means that if you feed your pets properly you won’t have to visit them.

Browse our website and see for yourself the products we carry. Try these products or better still research these products on the Internet and judge for yourself if they are good for your pets.
We are proud to say that we are the distributor for the below products:-
USA Products
Exotic Animal Diets www.mazuri.com
Laboratory Animals Diets www.labdiet.com
Customised Lab Diet www.testdiet.com
American Pet Diner Healthy Hay Products www.americanpetdiner.com
Jojo’s Best hay products www.jojosbest.com
Recycle Wood Fiber products www.carefresh.com
Recycled paper products www.cell-sorb-plus.com
Pine Pellets beddings www.felinefresh.com
Aspen Pellets beddings http://greenpetproducts.com/
North Eastern Animal Beddings www.nep-co.com
Laboratory Animal Beddings www.labbedding.com
Recycled paper Beddings http://fibercorellc.com/eco-bedding.cfm
Please find below the link to the Rat & Mouse Gazette on the use of Eco-Beddings for your information.
UK Products
VETBED Animal Beddings http://www.petlifeonline.co.uk/?p=dog.beds.bedding#vetbed
Please feel free to visit our products pages to view them at your leisure.
We are always available to answer your queries about your animal welfare or our products.