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Tetra Reptomin Super (テトラレプトミン Super ) Floating Turtle Food 85g

Tetra Reptomin Super (テトラレプトミン Super ) Floating Turtle Food 85g
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Tetra Reptomin Super is a high-quality nutritionally balanced food that uses natural shrimp as the main ingredient and is a favorite food for water turtles. As a dietary component of vitamin A essential for the eyes, as well as calcium and vitamin D3 required for shells and bones, Tetra Reptomin Super's formula strengthens the above nutrients, so use Tetra Reptomin Super as a daily important diet for pets.



Tetra Reptomin テトラレプトミン Super 


-Basic food for aquatic turtles!

-Strengthening scheme is important in maintaining eye health nutrition vitamin a!

-Important nutritional components of the carapace and exoskeleton ' calcium and vitamin D3 ' enhancement formula!

-Use high-quality raw materials containing abundant dietary fiber to promote smooth digestion and nutrient absorption!

Content amount (approx.)

85 g

Shape and type

Floating stick-dry food

Main raw materials

Shrimp meal, meth, vegetable protein, vegetables, fish meal, yeast, oil, algae, vitamin, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Security components

Crude protein: 47. More than 0%, crude FAT: 7. More than 0%, crude fiber: 4. Below 0%, crude ash: 15. 0 Percent below the water: 9. Less than 0%

How to use

Please give amounts 1 day at least 2-3 times the time, consume in about 3 minutes.


Please note to give too much food.

* Please use soon after opening.