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USA Flying Saucer Wheel

USA Flying Saucer Wheel
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Brand Flying Saucer
Country of Origin USA
Animal Suitability Chinchilla & other exotic

The Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel was invented at Meadowbrook Chinchillas to provide a safe exercise outlet for chinchillas and other small animals. Drum-type wheels must be very large to avoid overarching of the back. Wheels with slats, bars, cross members, spokes, open wire mesh or screen often cause serious injury to animals. Feet, legs or heads may become trapped or snared. This may result in severe injury (amputation) or death of the animal. Since rodents are nocturnal, most injuries will occur at night. If a foot becomes trapped, the animal may chew it of to escape. The Flying Saucer wheel has no openings, slats or sharp edges where injury can occur. And it also really works well for exercise.