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Mazuri Parrot Diet 3lb

Mazuri Parrot Diet 3lb
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Brand Mazuri
Country of Origin USA
Animal Suitbility Parrot Diet

A complete diet for large psittacines. This diet should be fed to non-breeding birds. Feed this diet to young birds after they have their first molt and until they reach breeding age. This diet should also be fed to birds which are not kept for breeding purposes. Any time a bird is not breeding or raising young for periods of over one month, they should be fed Mazuri® Parrot Maintenance Diet.

Features & Benefits
  • Specially formulated with balanced nutrition - Use as the primary diet for non-breeding birds.
  • Nutritionally Complete - Requires no mixing or supplementation.
  • Multi-sized extruded form - Varying particles provide enrichment.  Extruded form prevents sorting of ingredients and helps reduce the risk of nutrient deficiences.
  • Better than pellets - Less fines and increased digestibility.
  • Better than seeds - Less waste (20-50% of seed weight is hulls).
  • Reduced diet preparation - Less time chopping fruit and veggies.
  • Formulation allows for supplementation with species appropriate food items - Can include up to 20% (by weight) of diet as produce, seeds, etc. to encourage natural feeding behaviors and for training and enrichment.
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Natural sources of pigments, and antioxidants

Product Form:  Extruded feed: 3 particle sizes.

Product Sheet: 56A8