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APD Timothy Gold Hay (24oz)

APD Timothy Gold Hay (24oz)
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Brand American Pet (APD)
Country of Origin USA
Animal Suitability Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Chinchilla/Tortoise/Hamsters


Timothy Gold is second cut Timothy Hay boasting soft texture and delicate flavor. Comprised mostly of leaf with very little stem, these shorter pieces of hay are a delicacy that doubles as great nesting hay.


·       Our best seller; nature’s perfect food for your pet, at its finest!

·       Pure, sweet, nutritious and natural

·       Beautifully green and highly palatable,

·       Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & chinchillas

·       Essential fiber is optimal for a healthy  digestion

·       Supports necessary dental wear


Hay is the most important component in a small pet's diets.  Small pet herbivore species require more than 80% of their daily intake from hay. American Pet premium hays are cultivated in the high plains of the Mountain West at an altitude pushing 6,000 feet above sea level. The warm days and cool, dry nights provide the perfect environment for slow growth, which for hay means sweetness, more nutrition and higher palatability that small pets can't resist! When hays grower too fast in warmer climates, the nutritional content declines and is replace with a high level of woody, non-nutritious lignin.


Buyers from all over the world source their hays from American Pet Diner because they are world renowned for quality, nutrition and palatability.